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Impact of ordinary woven bags on Environment

2021-10-25 08:53:28

Impact of ordinary woven bags on Environment

The production scale of woven bags in China is greatly improved, and a large number of woven bags are sold to various countries every year. When we reproduce woven bags, we should also actively do a good job in the concept of green environmental protection.

At present, China's plastic weaving industry presents an obvious trend of industrial agglomeration development, and the number of large-scale enterprises is growing rapidly, especially the woven bag and container bag industry. The industrial structure is gradually adjusted in the direction of scale and intensification. The plastic additives industry is also adjusting towards large-scale and intensive, especially in plasticizers, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers and processing additives.

However, the development of the industry mainly focuses on the large-scale production of general varieties, but few structural innovative products appear. At the same time, the production mostly adopts the patented technology of foreign enterprises. Therefore, the R & D and production of high-performance green, environmental friendly and non-toxic plastic additives have become the main direction of the development of China's plastic additives industry in the future.

Ordinary woven bag

It is imperative to adjust the product structure of additives in China. Plasticizers should increase the output of non phthalate esters, such as epoxy soybean oil and trimellitic acid esters; The stabilizer should reduce the proportion of lead salt and increase the output of calcium / zinc composite, low lead rare earth, hydrotalcite and organic heat stabilizer; Flame retardants should reduce the proportion of halogen and vigorously develop inorganic flame retardants. At the same time, we should actively respond to the environmental protection regulations of the EU and the requirements for non-toxic and environmental protection products at home and abroad.

Vigorously recycle the unused woven bags, and carry out secondary recycling processing after recycling, screening and treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of waste utilization. This measure has been implemented in China for many years. Large and small waste recycling stations around the country can recycle this kind of goods. This can avoid a large number of waste bags flowing into the natural environment, slow degradation and affecting the soil and vegetation.

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