Ordinary woven bag
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How to clean ordinary woven bags?

2021-09-27 13:51:40

Now we all advocate the use of renewable resources and waste. Woven bags themselves pollute the environment. If recycling is natural, it is best. Then, for recycling, you need to clean the oil stains and handwriting on the woven bags. Below, ordinary woven bag manufacturers will tell you how to clean ordinary woven bags?

Woven bag cleaning agent is a special cleaning agent for woven bags. It can effectively clean the printing handwriting, oil stain, sediment and other organic stains on the surface of woven bags, so as to make the particles clean and crystal, and greatly improve the quality.

The use method of the cleaning agent is simple, and there is no need for heating and other processes during production. Only the woven bag for granulation needs to be crushed into silk, initially cleaned with clean water, soaked in the cleaning agent for 5 ~ 15 minutes, cleaned with cleaning equipment for 5 ~ 8 minutes, and then rinsed with clean water.

High cleaning efficiency: Generally speaking, the cleaning rate of printing handwriting and stains is more than 90% after the woven bag before granulation is crushed into silk, fully soaked and cleaned. The product is a water-soluble cleaning agent. It is non-toxic, non polluting and non-corrosive. It can be used to clean the raw materials of woven bag granulation by hand or cleaning machinery.

The recycling of waste plastics is an environmental protection project that benefits the country and the people, reduces pollution, increases efficiency and generates income. However, the surface printing pollutants such as ink and paint in the waste seriously affect the recycling of the waste. Therefore, in order to obtain high value-added recycled materials, it is necessary to remove the ink, paint and various surface dirt on the surface, so as to realize the income generation of sexual and economic benefits. Take woven bag recycling as an example. For knitted bags, different ink, handwriting trademarks and so on are printed on the surface of different occasions. If they are not cleaned, they can only make some foam materials, which can not reflect the regeneration value of woven bags. At present, most weaving recycling and processing enterprises are more and more aware of the necessity of cleaning. According to the market demand, all kinds of woven bag ink cleaning agents are naturally available. However, the use of woven bag ink cleaning agent is not all applicable. After actual use, the texture and characteristics of woven bags have changed to some extent, especially for woven bags used in special occasions, the woven bag oil and ink cleaning agent used in cleaning them will be slightly different from the woven bag ink cleaning agent usually used.

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Ordinary woven bag

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