Ordinary woven bag
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What are the common characteristics of ordinary woven bags?

2021-09-27 13:42:57

Ordinary woven bags are often used by people to carry goods, but it is still widely used in ordinary woven bags and paper plastic composite bags. So, what is the reason why people generally choose these woven plastic bags, or what attractive characteristics does it have? The following ordinary woven bag manufacturers Xiaobian will take ordinary woven bags as an example to introduce in detail the common characteristics of ordinary woven bags.

The common characteristics of ordinary woven bags are as follows:

Light weight

Plastics are generally light, and the density of plastic braids is about 0, 9-0 and 98 g / cm3. Commonly used polypropylene braids. If no filler is added, it is equal to the density of polypropylene. The density of polypropylene used for plastic weaving is 0, 9-0 and 91 g / cm3. Usually, braids are lighter than water.

High breaking strength

Plastic braid is a flexible material with high breaking strength in plastic products, which is related to its molecular structure, crystallization degree, drafting orientation and so on. It is also related to the type of additives. If the specific strength (strength / specific gravity) is used to measure the plastic woven fabric, it is higher than or close to the metal material and has good chemical corrosion resistance

Plastic woven fabric has good corrosion resistance to inorganic and organic substances. It has no effect on it below 110 ℃ for a long time. It has strong chemical stability to solvents, Oils and fats. When the temperature rises, carbon tetrachloride, xylene and turpentine can swell it. Fuming nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, halogen elements and other strong oxides will oxidize it. It has good corrosion resistance to strong alkali and general acids.

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Ordinary woven bag

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