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The pigment of ordinary woven bags can affect the temperature of plastic exposure

2021-09-27 15:16:57

Ordinary woven bags can be reused to ensure the cleanliness of products, but we should pay attention to cleaning them before use. Today, ordinary woven bag manufacturers take us to understand the relevant precautions.

First of all, we should pay attention to the selection of good cleaners, because professional cleaners can effectively clean the handwriting on it, and clean the oil and sediment on it with water; If it is dirty, we can scrub it by hand. When cleaning, we should pay attention to the protection of the environment. The waste liquid generated by the used cleaning agent should be concentrated after sedimentation.

We should place the product in a more suitable environment for ventilation and drying, which can prolong its service life.

There are many factors affecting the quality of ordinary woven bags. During this period, we can protect and clean the machine to facilitate the forward power and the service life of the machine. What should we pay attention to.

In fact, we know that the ordinary woven bag sewing machine needs frequent maintenance. The maintenance methods include machine cleaning, mechanical positioning screws, transmission gears and chains to be oiled on time, so as to avoid rusting of the machine; Moreover, the emergency braking button must be checked and protected, otherwise it may present production risk; Before using the ordinary woven bag sewing machine, the following points should be done: clean the machine and the surrounding, check whether the screws are loose, and see the application of cutting related preparations. The antirust agent is used to prevent rust and smooth the table of the paper cutter and the cutter.

A variety of raw materials need to be used in product manufacturing, and pigment is one of them. Its primary role is to color ordinary woven bags, but in fact, it still has a great impact on ordinary woven bags. Let's have a detailed understanding below.

In the production of ordinary woven bags, pigments will affect the light stability of plastics in several aspects. Some pigments can be used as sensitizers to greatly reduce the light stability of plastics containing UV stabilizers, such as some organic yellow and organic red. Some pigments such as phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green can greatly improve the UV stability of thick section components, especially for light stabilized samples. Some pigments may act as ultraviolet absorbers to prevent harmful radiation from reaching the deep layers of plastic.

The manufacturers of ordinary woven plastic bags show that the influence of pigment is more than that. It can also strongly affect the temperature of plastic exposure. Generally, the oxidation reaction of ordinary woven bags is very related to the temperature, so black ordinary woven plastic bags will accelerate the oxidation.

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Ordinary woven bag

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