Ordinary woven bag
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What effect does the hand of ordinary woven bag feel?

2021-09-27 15:12:37

What effect does the hand of ordinary woven bag feel? Ordinary woven bag manufacturers explain to you: there are many kinds of ordinary woven bag products. People can choose products suitable for themselves according to their own situation. When buying it, product quality is very important. Now let's have a careful understanding!

When selecting ordinary woven bags, according to the analysis of the raw materials of the products, some calcium carbonate will be added to the raw materials, which can make the surface of the products more smooth and shiny. However, if the added calcium carbonate is excessive, the product will feel hard. If you add too little, your hand will soften. At this time, the environment that can be used can be adjusted, so as to give full play to the effect of the product and not cause a waste of resources.

Ordinary woven bags cannot be placed directly in the sun. Because this material will absorb ultraviolet rays, the performance of polyethylene will be weakened, which will affect the normal use of products and bring us great losses.

In the process of sewing ordinary woven bags, thread breakage sometimes occurs. This phenomenon is very common. It can be avoided only by mastering the cause of disconnection. What is the reason

It is possible that the tension of ordinary woven bag thread is too tight or too loose. When the surface thread is too loose, the equipment lead parts such as bending needle and rotating shuttle are repeatedly sleeved into the thread ring, which will lead to poor off-line and pull the section line. Therefore, when sewing, we should choose high-quality thread and always pay attention to the tightness of the upper thread. There are also some reasons that the common woven bag machine needle, such as thread holding slot, thread passing hole and arc slot, has not undergone strict polishing and sliding treatment, and the thread passing part is rough, resulting in thread breakage, or the suture quality is unqualified, the machine adjustment is improper, the thread passing parts have sharp edges, the operation method is problematic, the needle cooling is insufficient, etc, Will cause disconnection.

In fact, there are many reasons for thread breakage when sewing ordinary woven bags, mainly due to the above points. As long as we check the above places that are easy to cause thread breakage before use, generally there will be no thread breakage.

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Ordinary woven bag

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