Ordinary woven bag
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An effective way to improve the quality of ordinary woven bags

2021-09-27 11:19:42

Lined with film or coated with a layer of plastic in the ordinary woven bag, it has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, but it also improves the smoothness of the ordinary plastic woven bag, which is not conducive to the stacking of the ordinary woven bag. Ordinary plastic woven bags have limited heat resistance and poor UV resistance. It is easy to reduce the strength when used outdoors.

The quality of packaging bags not only affects the quality of packaging products, but also reflects the quality control level of the factory. Good quality packaging bags have a good impact on improving the brand image of products. Let's talk about the inspection methods of common plastic woven bags commonly used in feed factories. The process indexes of making plastic ordinary woven bags are mainly the requirements of appearance tolerance, dimension, tensile force in the direction of seam bottom and seam edge, the clarity of printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing, the accuracy of layout position, suture trace, needle distance, and the defects such as suture needle off and thread break.

The appearance of most ordinary woven bags is white. PP ordinary woven bags have good recycling performance. In order to reduce costs and save resources, most manufacturers will use new materials to process together with recycled materials. The recycled materials are generally yellow and dull, and the appearance of ordinary woven bags is not good-looking.

Of course, what needs to be done in the process of adjusting and unwinding transparent ordinary woven bags is to master the correct methods and follow the necessary common sense points to ensure the effect of transparent ordinary woven bags. And in the process of use, it is more important to remember the transportation quality of products, so as to ensure the clear effect of goods.

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Ordinary woven bag

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