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How to prevent color printing bags from aging?

2021-09-27 09:43:21

Color printing packaging bags are closely related to our life, especially now there is no product to replace plastic bags. In particular, the food bags we carry food have a great impact on our food health. But many food bags look the same after use, but some changes have taken place. Let's talk about how to prevent the aging of food bags?

1. Under the natural environment, that is, under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of food plastic packaging bags will decrease by about 25 after one week and about 40 after two weeks, which is basically unusable. In other words, the storage of plastic bags is very important.

2. After packaging the goods, the packaging bag will be placed in the open air and exposed to direct sunlight, so the intensity will drop sharply, so try to avoid direct sunlight.

3. The excessive participation of recycled materials is also one of the reasons to promote the aging of plastic packaging bags.

4. High temperature or rain during storage and transportation of packaging bags will reduce their strength, and then fail to meet the quality requirements for maintaining the contents. Therefore, high temperature and rain scouring should be avoided at ordinary times.

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Color printing packaging bag

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