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How to judge the quality of a grain packaging bag?

2021-09-27 10:20:28

Food packaging bag is one of the indispensable packaging methods in the market and has always been the focus of people's attention, because food packaging bag is the one in contact with food before food comes into people's hands. Its reliability and quality will have an impact on food in many aspects, both good and bad. Here's how to judge the quality of a food packaging bag, What are the specific aspects?

When we buy grain packaging bags, we first see the appearance of the bag. A good grain packaging bag must meet the relevant national production requirements. We can quickly judge whether it is a good packaging bag by checking whether the outer packaging of the bag is printed with "QS", whether the printing of the bag is exquisite, and whether the product description of the bag is complete.

When purchasing packaged products, we can simply observe the material. For products requiring vacuum packaging, we should observe whether there is air leakage. In particular, some meat products are packaged after high-temperature sterilization. Once the air leakage will make bacteria run into the bag again. This product is unqualified. You can also pick up the packaged bag and smell whether there is a pungent smell. The smell of bags produced by standard bag manufacturers will be controlled at a very low level,.

There is also the appearance of the packaging bag. For example, the easy tear opening, self-supporting bottom insertion, zipper and edge sealing of some bags are the consideration direction of inspecting the packaging bag. Good packaging bags will be marked with easy tear openings convenient for consumers. Those with self-supporting bottom insertion can stand up. There is no uneven phenomenon in the zipper part. The edge sealing is unified, and there will be no phenomenon of sealing 1cm in some places and 0.8cm in some places.

From the above, we can see that a good grain packaging bag needs to be inspected in many aspects, which need to be controlled by the packaging manufacturer, and every level should be controlled from the aspects of packaging materials, plate making, printing, compounding, bag making, etc.

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