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Historical development and origin of color printing packaging bags

2021-09-27 09:48:42

Most commonly used color printing packaging bags are made of polyethylene film, which is non-toxic, so it can be used to contain food. Another kind of film is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is also non-toxic, but the additives added according to the purpose of the film are often harmful to human body and have certain toxicity. Therefore, this kind of film and plastic bags made of this film are not suitable for containing food.

Food packaging bags convey a lot of information while protecting food. Different people have different requirements for food packaging bags. Food manufacturers will require food packaging bags to have good protection, so that the packaged food can be isolated from external oxygen, water vapor, stains, microorganisms and peculiar smell. Impermeability is also a requirement for food packaging bags. In the final analysis, food manufacturers' hardware requirements for food packaging bags are to protect food quality. Secondly, food packaging bags are required to improve the marketing power of food and sell food well.

The historical development and origin of color printing packaging bag. We all know that color printing packaging bag is a kind of packaging bag used to load things and carry goods in our daily life. The appearance of color printing packaging bag Z appeared as early as the Republic of China. At that time, the material of color printing packaging bag was not made of plastic, but made of paper. It was made of paper into simple bags and boxes, and then painted on it. It was our early color printing packaging bag. In modern times, with the development and demand of society, Color printing bags made of plastic are popular in our life. Compared with the previous paper, they are more convenient and beautiful. In addition to meeting the practicability, they also meet the personalized needs of the public.

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Color printing packaging bag

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