Ordinary woven bag
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Main factors promoting the aging of ordinary woven bags

2021-09-27 11:21:31

The main factor promoting the aging of plastics is the ultraviolet light of sunlight, especially the part with the wavelength of 290-400nm. It is the non-woven fabric manufacturer who destroys the chemical bond of the polymer, which will lead to automatic oxidation reaction and aging decomposition. The sensitive wavelength of polypropylene is 310nm and that of polyethylene is 300nm.

Ordinary woven bags have good corrosion resistance, have little effect on solvents and grease below 110 ℃, have long-term chemical stability, and have good corrosion resistance to strong alkali and conventional acids. Plastic ordinary woven bag has the characteristics of light weight, good electrical insulation, good corrosion and processing type. Ordinary woven bag has certain characteristics.

In addition, a small amount of blue carbon black particles and fine aluminum silver powder can be added for whitening, or a small amount of blue and purple can be added. Due to the color and transparency of plastics, the whiteness is very different from that of ordinary woven bags made of pure raw materials. The addition of titanium dioxide can improve the whiteness.

Artificial accelerated aging experiment is to put the plastic bag test sample into the test equipment, which may be affected by light, oxygen, heat, humidity and other factors at the same time or in turn. In this case, the main environmental parameters are relatively easy to maintain relative stability, so the obtained data can maintain good repeatability.

Ordinary woven bags shall be kept clean, not according to large, heavy and light, not according to 0, and the storage yard shall be cleaned regularly to ensure the quality of ordinary woven bags. Classify and record the permanent fabric envelopes in the workshop. The permanent user shall fill in the signature of the consignee of the permanent cashier cabinet. During distribution, it shall be reliable, frequent and less frequent, and the economic responsibility shall be investigated for the economic losses caused by unemployment.

If it is a plastic ordinary woven bag with good quality, the same batch of materials should be used in the selection of product raw materials, so that the products produced will not have obvious differences in color and will be more beautiful in use. The edges of regular export ordinary woven bags in the production process are strictly required not to have obvious irregular convex concave.

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Ordinary woven bag

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