Ordinary woven bag
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What are the factors affecting the stability of ordinary woven bags?

2021-09-27 13:54:38

Ordinary woven bags are affected by many factors in the production process. The degradation in the processing process not only has a negative impact on the physical properties, mechanical properties and appearance color of ordinary plastic woven bags, but also has a negative impact on the stability of ordinary plastic woven bags in the use process.

Ordinary woven bag manufacturers add masterbatch to polypropylene resin to produce all kinds of polypropylene ordinary woven bags, which have been widely used in plastic woven processing industry. In the process of processing ordinary woven bags, because the processing of ordinary woven bags requires multiple processes, each process may affect the stability of ordinary woven bags. The addition of calcium carbonate, carbon black and other filling materials will also have a negative impact on the stability of ordinary plastic woven bags. In addition to temperature and filling material are important factors affecting the stability of ordinary woven bags, there are also acids, colorants and so on. Users can research and innovate on this basis to improve the stability of ordinary woven bags. In short, we should correctly understand the factors affecting the stability of ordinary woven bags, ensure the better quality of ordinary woven bag products, follow certain methods and means in the application process, master the necessary common sense points, and give full play to the real effect of ordinary woven bag products.

Ordinary woven bag products are made of polyethylene. If they burn, they will produce some formaldehyde, which will bring great harm to our body. In the actual processing process, it is necessary to clarify this harm. It should be indicated during production that cooked food should not be packaged in ordinary woven bags. Ordinary woven bags are difficult to explain. Therefore, a recycling system should be established at the same time of production to treat recyclable garbage bags twice to reduce their harm to the environment.

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Ordinary woven bag

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